Foods You Should Stay Away From When You Are Pregnant

While it is very difficult and emotionally draining, the end result makes it worthwhile. Read this article to get some tips on making the pregnancy easier.

Learn how to monitor your cycles if you are trying to conceive. Knowing your cycles helps you by scheduling the perfect times for attempting to get pregnant.

TIP! Do not be scared to turn down social invites if you are pregnant and not feeling well. Your family and friends will sympathize with your special needs.

Take a pregnancy test as soon as you think you might be pregnant. If you wait to find out if you are pregnant, you may miss the opportunity to receive important prenatal care or experience preventable complications.

Ensure that your diet has plenty of healthy protein in it during your pregnancy. This healthy nutrient is essential to you and your baby.

Be certain that you understand what all the indications of symptoms signaling premature labor are. Read about this, so that you know when you need to call your doctor.

TIP! If your due date has past and you want to encourage labor, walking may help. Walking is healthy and can lower baby into position for birthing.

Make sure you go ahead and get checked for any sexually transmitted diseases when you are pregnant.Many STD tests are conducted using urine, blood samples, or blood tests. If you have an STD, your baby may need to be delivered through a C-section.

Pregnant Woman

TIP! If your feet become very swollen, tell your doctor about it. Swollen feet are common in pregnancy, but they can also indicate elevated blood pressure and a dangerous condition called preeclampsia.

Do not change your cat’s litter if you think you are pregnant. The reason women should not change litter box while pregnant is because of toxoplasmosis. Cats host the toxoplasmosis infection, and if this infection is somehow passed through the pregnant woman to the baby while in utero, the repercussions for the pregnant woman could lead to birth abnormalities, stillbirth and miscarriages.

TIP! Write down all of your food choices into a food diary. Keeping a log of everything you eat will let you be sure that you’re getting all the nutrition that your body needs.

Be sure you have a flu shot if you’re pregnant.When pregnant, you have a weaker immune system, which may make it easier for you to get sick. This could be harmful to you and your unborn child.

TIP! You can read online stories about birthing to find out about the experiences of other women. You can learn a lot from your doctors and nurses, but the best resources are the stories of others that have been there before.

If you want to travel during your pregnancy, always make sure you are close to emergency medical care. You want to stay close to a doctor throughout the entire pregnancy in case complications where to come up. If you are traveling, you’ll also want to keep a cell phone with you.

Children love looking at pictures of what mommy looked like when they were still inside. Snap some pictures and add notes to them that they can read later on.

TIP! You may find this strange, but avoid cat litter when you are expecting. Toxoplasmosis is transmitted in cat feces and can harm your baby.

Pregnancy can make a woman’s sense of smell more sensitive than normal, making everyday odors nauseating. If you suffer from nausea, carry a handkerchief dotted with a bit of lemon or lavender oil. You can grab the handkerchief when you notice odors which smells badly enough to nauseate you.

Talk to friends who have already given birth. You need to find out knowledge from a person who has gone through the experience before you.

TIP! While pregnant, it is important to get ample sleep in order to keep yourself energized and focused on helping your baby grow. By maintaining a comfortable temperature in the bedroom and donning comfy pajamas, you can ensure restful and high-quality sleep.

Learn to say no to people offer you every time they see you. You are supposed to up your calories high but don’t start eating constantly. You can say no when you need to do so.

TIP! You may have some swelling when you are expecting a baby. You should lower the amount of salt that you consume.

Whether it is you or a friend having a baby, pregnancy affects the lives of all concerned. This starts the bond with your little boy, girl, or perhaps both. Use the tips you have learned today to have a stress-free pregnancy.

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